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Supernatural Suspense, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

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The author is a native of Southern Maryland, and a graduate of University of Maryland, University College. Prior to retirement from a position with a major Aerospace Corporation, he tried his hand at a variety of occupations- from grocery store clerk to warehousing, from shoveling coal to a four year stint with the U.S. Army. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys time with his family and grandchildren, kayaking (mostly flat water please), fishing, hiking, hunting, wine-making, and pursuing his other “creative passion”- woodcarving.
After his family and cheesecake, reading was his first love. It exposed him to people, cultures and ideas he’d never experience otherwise. Writing was a natural extension of this “out of body” experience as characters carved little niches in his mind- showing their worlds, and their possibilities. He hopes to honestly convey the stories they whisper in his ears.

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